International master’s program provides capabilities for the digital transformation of healthcare

The project brings together eight consortium partners from four different European countries. Together, they are developing a new master’s program that supports healthcare professionals in developing digital services in the health sector. 

The master’s program is designed to manage the digitalization of health services, support the use of data science and information systems in the innovation of clinical methods, services, and processes. 

The program has three main components: health sector skills, social skills, and digital skills. In terms of digital skills, students can choose between two options: Data Science or Interoperability. The purpose of Data Science is to strengthen the use of data in the innovation of processes and services, and the goal of interoperability is to develop ICT system compatibility to support the innovation of processes and services. 

The Master’s programme will be based on a modular set of Curricular Units including a compulsory base as well as optional, flexible components. This gives students the opportunity to design a personal study path and focus on two specialization areas of particular interest to them. 

The program comprises 10 courses (6 compulsory and 4 optional), each worth 6 credits (10 * 6 credits = 60 credits). In addition, the program includes a 30-credit dissertation/project/internship. In total, the master’s program covers 90 credits, equivalent to three semesters of education. 

The program is designed for students from European Union countries who are interested in or already involved in the planning, coordination, and implementation of digital transformation in healthcare, as well as professionals with backgrounds in healthcare, social and welfare, information, and communication technology (ICT), or business administration. 

The degree is jointly awarded by four universities: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and Gustave Eiffel University (France). 

Applications for the master’s program open in spring 2024. Please follow our communications on our website, Clinipower’s LinkedIn, and the official ManagiDiTH website to stay updated! 

For more information about the master’s program: ManagiDiTH 

Partners involved in the project gathered at the Leppävaara Laurea campus to plan education modules.
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