Clinipower becomes a deciding member of Finnish Quality Association

In February 2022, Clinipower became an advisory board member of Finnish Quality Association.

Along with the updated membership, Clinipower team receives even better possibilities for high-class education and building co-operation with other members of the association.

Finnish Quality Association has promoted quality thinking in Finland already since 1966. Through Laatukeskus Excellence Finland, the association helps organizations develop their business and offers information, new viewpoints, and concrete tools for developing quality. The non-profit activities of the association are far-reaching. Almost 400 member organizations from various fields and thousands of quality experts get the possibility to network via the association.

Maija Laukkanen, the founder and CEO of Clinipower, celebrates the transition of the company from a supporting member to a deciding member. Joining the active quality development network feels natural as quality work is a fundamental part of Clinipower’s operations. For a consulting company in the field of medical devices, quality assurance is inseparably connected to patient safety and is therefore legally mandatory. Additionally, investing in quality is profitable as it increases competitive advantage of a company.

“Discussions about quality and building a quality management system engage personnel to reach common goals and constantly develop one’s own work. I believe that in the long run this will be an advantage for companies”, Maija Laukkanen points out.

Text: Minna Torppa, Translation: Kristiina Mäki

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