About us

Founded in 2015, Clinipower offers its expertise to support product development and digitalization in health technology. Our core team boasts more than 160 years of hands-on experience in the industry, from startup companies to global health tech giants. We are familiar with the challenges of business management and development and the product development life cycle, and we know how to find the right methods for each customer and project.

We have an extensive international network from which we can find targeted expertise for your organization’s needs.

We follow the industry developments on your behalf, so you can always be one step ahead. We also want to contribute to the evolution of the operational culture in the industry. Clinipower is a member of the Terveysteknologia ry – Healthtech Finland association and Laatukeskus Excellence Finland.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we also know the bumps in the road. That is why we can support your success and anticipate every bend along the way.

Maija Laukkanen

Sales, distribution channels, MDD, MDR, ISO 14971
+358 40 539 0741

When I founded Clinipower, my idea was to offer to our customers the kind of best industry expertise for which only large companies usually have resources.

My own main task is twofold: I’m constantly scanning customer needs and also keeping my antenna up to find new expert advisors to join our team. Are you perhaps one of them?

A topic close to my heart is spreading the culture of patient safety within the high tech industry. I want to contribute to a new way of thinking especially in software development. The safety of self-care applications, for example, is a big thing, and it’s great to see that the right questions are now increasingly being asked to account for EU’s tightening requirements.

My biggest dream is to go global on a larger scale. Our team has a solid international background, and we’ve already completed first projects in Sweden, Estonia, Austria and Russia. The Finnish know-how in health care digitalization is very strong, and taking it to international markets is something we are eager to facilitate.

Another dream of mine is to support the commercialization of Finnish AI applications as medical devices. We want to be there to support the pioneers!

Hannele Toroi

Director, Quality and Regulation
MDR, MDD, IVDR, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 14155, IEC 62304, IEC 62366, FDA, MDSAP, GMP
+358 40 831 8410

I specialize in quality systems and regulatory requirements.

For me, the best thing about a quality manager’s job is that I can genuinely help the customer along the path. In many situations, I think of myself as an interpreter between the customer and the regulating authority, working to make sure they speak the same language.

My favourite part of the quality process are internal audits. You could say they are a showcase of how many different ways there are to solve the same problem. And in my dictionary, a problem is ”a chance to do things better”.

I’m also running a peer support group for our customers’ quality managers. It’s an important discussion venue to share the latest information about the regulation of medical devices.

I enjoy giving training, and I’ve done it in many different organizations, including the university. People often comment that I can adapt my message for different audiences and answer the questions even before they are asked.

I’m curious and investigative. Seeking information is my passion. I know a little about a lot of things. About this business I know a lot, and what I don’t know, I’ll find out.

Pekka Kola

Senior Advisor, Technology and Architecture
MDR, MDD, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62304, IEC 82304, HL7
+358 40 573 1619

I specialize in managing product development projects.

This is how I often describe a product development project: you first need to find the forest to get lost in, and then find the path to get out. Product development is pruning and trimming until you get to the finished product – and it may often be different from the developers initial idea. And from the first step on, you need to remember that to create top-notch software, you need to stay in touch with the end users.

Three times I’ve been a startup entrepreneur myself: we started from scratch, took the product to market and finally found a buyer for our business.

I’m also contributing to the development of industry standards in the HL7 Finland Association and representing Finland in a work group of the HL7 International Association.

For me, the most rewarding moment is when I can help the team over a sudden lack of faith and say: hey, this thicket is part of the path – together we’ll make it through. Or when a customer calls and tells me how much they learned during our six months’ cooperation. And, of course, when a software is launched and turns out a success.

Kimmo Vauhkonen

Senior Advisor, Quality and Regulation
MDR, MDD, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62304, IEC 82304, MDSAP
+358 40 167 6597

I specialize in quality and risk management, regulatory compliance and life cycle management of software products. I want to do my part to support Finnish companies in the regulation jungle, so that new healthcare products can be launched successfully.

Patient safety is the cornerstone of health technology, and it should be kept in mind during each and every phase of product development. Although there are plenty of requirements coming from regulations, they can be easily covered by setting up clear and concise operational models. For me, that’s a very rewarding challenge – finding the best way to embed the requirements in each customer’s individual processes.

We can start developing a company-wide quality system from scratch. I can also assist in maintaining the system or adapting it for a new situation, for example, after acquisition.

For me, building a quality system together with the customer is always an interesting task. I enjoy putting the pieces together and making the whole thing work. And when a system gets accepted at external audit and receives the quality certification we’ve worked hard for, it’s always a moment to celebrate!

Sanna Mattila

Senior Advisor, Quality and Regulation
MDR, MDD, IVDR, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, FDA, MDSAP, GMP
+358 40 523 9680

I specialize in quality system development and compliance with the Medical Device Regulation.

Since 2017, I’ve been the chair of the RA2/MDR working group at Healthtech Finland, an industry-wide association. The aim of the group is to raise companies’ awareness about new MDR requirements and provide a forum for networking and peer support.

For me, it’s really rewarding to be able to use my expertise to help customers, for example, by supporting them in demanding audits, of which I have a lot of experience.

I work systematically and proactively. I like to know the big picture and get a grip of the whole – that’s when I really feel I’m giving my best. I often sketch and plan things in visual form, and my instructions often end with a concise summary chart.

Quality is something you can always improve further, make discoveries and consider new options – I never get tired of discussing quality! I put my heart into what I do. And when it’s time for the intensive final phase in a project, I jump right in and enjoy the flow.

Mari Tikka

Senior Advisor, Clinical Environment
MDD, MDR, ISO 14971, ISO 14155
+358 40 167 8198

I specialize in the clinical evaluation of medical devices and software. My job is to review the software from the care personnel’s point of view and make sure it’s safe for patients and personnel and also fulfills the current care guidelines.

My background is clinical: I’m an ICU nurse. I worked, for example, in Abu Dhabi in a team with members from 17 different countries. That was a great lesson in integrating different ways of working and becoming aware of cultural differences.

For me, a software project is a fascinating challenge. It’s a marathon, and there will be moments of exhaustion. So what can we do? We just take a breath and keep going, and we’ll soon find second wind.

It’s great to work for making changes happen. That takes the contribution and commitment of the whole team, and you need to find that little something that motivates that particular bunch of people. When the software is ready and implemented, I feel like handing out medals for everybody! That’s when the change becomes reality. I remember one ICU where a digital information system was implemented for the first time. We celebrated by making a bonfire of the old paper records.

Juha Kaasinen

Senior Advisor, Usability and User Experience
MDR, MDD, ISO 14971, IEC 62366, FDA (regarding usability)
+358 40 838 3956

I specialize in product and service design, conceptualization and evaluation. When the goal is to develop a successful product, user experience and safety are the key areas to consider.

Health tech is basically about improving people’s life and their life management, and that’s what I like to be involved in. Sometimes I even think I’m indirectly contributing to saving lives through my job.

What also fascinates me in this industry is that it brings together two worlds: how to promote innovation and agile product development and embed the strict regulatory requirements.

In my free time, I play the drums, and I think the usability design process is much like playing in a band. As we start seeking the shape for a song, there’s bound to be some cacophony. With team work, the right methods, a culture of experimentation and rock-solid expertise we finally create something that sounds like music. And the culmination is performing in front of a live audience – launching the band product!

Kristiina Mäki

Thesis Trainee
Product development, service design
+358 50 919 4056

I study at the Aalto University (Master of Science in Technology), and I’m writing my thesis in cooperation with Clinipower.

I am majoring in International Design Business Management (IDBM), which is basically about utilizing service design to combine business, design thinking and technological solutions.

In my thesis, I focus on the initial phases of the product development and innovation process with medical devices, and I’m interested in end users: how they are taken into account in the process and what sort of challenges arise, for example, from industry regulation.

What fascinates me in this field is the combination of human-centered approach and technology, and in my bachelor studies, my major was bioinformation technology.

You could say I’m studying to become a specialist in problem-solving. Developing methods for solving the customer’s problem is intriguing: how to redefine it, split it up and find the most appropriate solution. Problem-solving is teamwork, and each member of the team contributes by giving their unique input.

Outi Kaasinen

Director, Sales and Business Development
MDR, MDD, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Lean Six Sigma
+358 40 157 3100

I specialize in the entire cycle of business development from strategy planning to implementation, including sales initiation and service design. I’m essentially both a visionary and a maker.

I see product development as co-creation, and it pays to start it as soon as the product idea comes up. The product is made for the user, and a successful innovation is ready only when it works seamlessly in the user environment. An important part of the added value is the feeling of effortlessness: how to do things so that it also feels good?

For me, it’s inspiring to create something new and make changes happen. If I hear the words ”This is something we’ve never done before”, I’m in! And if we hit a dead end, I ask: ”What else is possible?” What route will get us to our destination? I have strong faith in people’s creativity, and a strategically sound solution will always come up if we sit down together and think.

In my free time, I like to express myself via visual and verbal arts, and I process things by singing. With my two German Shepherds, we practice dog sports, and I enjoy finding ways to cooperate even without a common language.

Christian Wagner

Senior Advisor, Product Portfolio Management
MDD, MDR, ISO 13485
+43 660 343 6880

I specialize in product management and business development. Digital innovations can help people very much, if they are done the right way, and that takes a dedicated team.

I’ve worked all over the globe facilitating and building teams. For example, I once had a project where I needed to merge three product teams with members from USA, India, Finland and Germany. To do that, you need to give team members a reason to collaborate – help them find the intrinsic motivation everybody has. It may sometimes be buried, and my task is to help dig it up.

I like being able to spark an idea, get people committed to doing brainwork together – even challenge them if need be. I create trust by being totally committed myself: I only take on projects I believe in, so I am always all in.

Running is my way to sort my thoughts – that is when I am at my most creative. I’m fascinated by anything with two wheels, and I cycle to work daily. If I was a politician, my mission would be to create stability in Eurasia. Wouldn’t it be great to go to Iran, India and China overland without concerns – by bike! I am from Salzburg, Austria, but I think of myself as a citizen of the world.