For health technology innovations, the road to global success may be long.

We’ve walked the walk. We know how to help you at every turn.


Product development and usability engineering of medical devices, risk management and patient safety, regulatory requirements and quality management systems are Clinipower’s core competencies.

  • Are you thinking of developing a product or software?
  • Is your organization planning to take a leap into health technology?
  • Do you recognize the need to change your organization’s operational culture?
  • Do you need more information about the impact of regulatory changes on your business?

We have the answers. We are offering our experience, knowledge and skills for your benefit – plus the spirit of making things happen that is our hallmark.

Contact us, and let’s figure out together where to start!


Defour and Clinipower become collaborators
Posted on 29.11.2021

Defour Oy, that is based in Turku, Finland, works as a reliable partner in demanding product development of their customers – Defour can offer comprehensive product development...

Health check -service provides support for decision making
Posted on 25.11.2021

Employee health checks are common procedures, but who knew that a health check can be conducted for medical device companies or product development projects as well. The aim...

Medical device innovation – a combination of imagination and safety
Posted on 12.11.2021

The medical device field provides a fruitful ground for imaginative solutions that positively impact our health. However, producing an innovation is a complex journey, and...


Quality and regulation

We help you build an ISO 13485 quality management system. We offer you an outsourced quality manager and assist with CE-certification and audits.

Usability and service design

We support you in concept development and evaluation. We do usability testing and design sprints.

Product development and processes

We guide organizing product development in practice and according to requirements. We support you throughout the journey to market.

Management support and business

We assist you in organizational development. We help you anticipate critical points of regulation. We offer professional resources for your service.

About us

Maija Laukkanen
CEO, Sales
Outi Kaasinen
Director, Sales and Business Development
Hannele Toroi
Director, Quality and Regulation
Pekka Kola
Senior Advisor, Technology and Architecture
Kimmo Vauhkonen
Senior Advisor, Quality and Regulation
Mari Tikka
Senior Advisor, Clinical Environment
Juha Kaasinen
Senior Advisor, Usability and User Experience
Kristiina Mäki
Junior Advisor, Services and Business Development
Christian Wagner
Senior Advisor, Product Portfolio Management